All fabric capes must be washed, after each use!

All fabric capes must be washed, after each use.

Minnesota state officials believe that it is “only a matter of time” before a salon customer may contracts an illness such as Dermatitis or other illness, from the use of a unclean cape. This is what is behind Minnesota’s policies of enforcement of clean cape standards.

Below is the regulation:


Subpart 1.


It is the responsibility of all licensees, including the salon owner and the designated licensed salon manager (DLSM) to ensure that all infection control requirements are followed. Items, tools, and equipment for regulated services in or on salon premises are subject to the requirements of this part even if not intended for use in services.

Subp. 8.

Laundered items.  

Each towel, robe, and linen used to cover or protect customers must be used only once and then be laundered with detergent and hot water in a washing machine, dried on hot, and immediately stored in a clean, covered container. Plastic or nylon capes and aprons may be washed in a machine and dried on any setting in a dryer or may be disinfected with a spray disinfectant. Used or soiled towels, linens, and capes must be stored in closed containers labeled "used." Steamed towels and cloths must meet the requirements of subpart 15, item G.

The guideline set in 2105.0375. subp. 8. All fabric material capes must be laundered after each use.

According to the State of Minnesota, Department of commerce, says all porous fabric can pick up microscopic bacteria, blood and other secretions from customers’ arms, hair, and other parts of their body. Much of this matter is not dislodged by simple flapping the cape out over the floor to remove hair. The cape may look clean to the naked eye, but no to the microscope.

More on Non-porous (Vinyl or plastic) capes later.

Also more on spray disinfectant of your capes.


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