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Back By Popular Demand!

If you are a stylist, you know that sometimes the most difficult part of cutting and coloring long hair is the frustration of dealing with standard capes. The bulge in the back that occurs with a standard cape can interfere with delivering the perfect cut. Stylists are forced to twist the cape around to ensure the back is smooth. No stylist has time for this inconvenience. 

It's Baaaaack!

We are excited to announce the return of our collarless Wrap Around Cape. The lay of this cape is flat across the back. It is designed to attach over the left shoulder, eliminating the need to spin and twist a regular cape. Talk about convenient! 

What You Can Expect From the Wrap Around Cape

This sturdy cape is water, chemical and color resistant. It is made with the finest quality Silkara iridescent fabric. This long-lasting fabric will survive years of use and will look brand new wash after wash. It also has an attractive sheen that will make your clients feel pampered while they receive their service.  The Wrap Around Cape is made with pride in the USA and is available in black, brown, bronze and navy, which will coordinate with any salon color scheme. Put this cape to the test. You’ll see it’s the most durable, convenient, long-lasting cape you can find! At Salonwear, we take our customers’ experiences to heart. We want to bring you high-quality garments that make your job easier. Give this collarless Wrap Around Cape a try. It will quickly become your go-to cape, and you’ll wonder how you survived without it.  Don’t struggle another day with bulky capes! Order this cape directly from Salonwear and save on your wrap around cape. Visit us here, to view our other products. Call us toll free at 800-635-3323, or email us at for more information. We are here to answer any questions, and we will get your order on the way!
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