Your Cape Guys!

For some superheroes, it’s all about the cape flowing majestically in the wind. For your clients, it’s all about the cape keeping their clothes free from spills and accidents. For you, it’s about that and more. You will love providing high-quality capes for your clients that make them feel good and make you look good. Trust Salonwear to provide top-of-the-line capes for all your needs. We can customize them, too.

Salonwear Capes Cover All the Bases

When you get capes from Salonwear, you are getting the total package. Our capes have style, comfort, durability and ease of care. We have waterproof capes made of polyurethane fabric, multipurpose capes with silkara iridescent fabric or Antron® nylon fabric. Our selection of capes covers all your needs.

Salonwear offers capes for each specific purpose, from makeup to barber capes, shampoo and more. You have a choice of colors, and we offer prints as well. Proudly display your brand with embroidery or screen print. Clients notice these small touches of elegance.

Durability Is Vital

Not only do you need plenty of capes to keep you going, they also need to be durable. Minnesota law requires that salon capes be used only once, then laundered. You need to use detergent and hot water in a washing machine, and they need to be dried on hot if they are fabric. Plastic and nylon capes may be washed in a machine and dried on any setting, or they may be disinfected with a spray disinfectant. Failure to comply with these rules can result in hefty fines. Our capes are durable enough to stand up to all that and more.

Salonwear capes are made from durable high-quality materials, so they withstand the rigors of a robust business. They keep their good looks washing after washing and still look fresh as time goes on. An investment in Salonwear capes is an investment in quality.

Browse through our collection of capes today and discover why we are your Cape Guys! Call or contact us via email if you have questions or would like more information.

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