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Multi-purpose Bib Apron in Purple Iridescent Silkara Fabric

Multi-purpose Bib Apron in Purple Iridescent Silkara Fabric

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Purple Bib Apron

This Purple Salon Bib Apron by Salonwear is always in demand for its unique color. As with all of our garments, this Purple hair salon apron is made from our advanced long-lasting Silkara Iridescent fabric that is chemical and stain-resistant. 

Highlights of This Bib Apron

  1. The Purple hairdresser apron is of great value. Is multi-purpose, and therefore serves for cutting, bleaching, comb-out, shampooing, and more.
  2. Hair will not stick to the 55% Polyester and 45% Nylon fabric of this stylist's apron. 
  3. This Purple styling apron has one top pocket and two bottom patch pockets
  4. Come with long tie belts, to give you the desired comfort and fit, at the same time!
  5. Uses our signature durable stainless steel snaps with an adjustable neck to fit all stylists.

Why You Should Have It?

Do you own a salon? If so, you know how important it is to keep your clients happy and your salon looking its best. But did you know that one of the best ways to do this is by having Bib Aprons? Here are three reasons why bib aprons are essential for any salon owner: First, a bib apron protects your clothes from hair, makeup, and other products that can stain or damage them.  Second, it helps you keep your work area clean and organized.  Lastly, it makes you look professional and put-together, which will put your clients at ease and make them more likely to return to your salon.  So next time you're getting ready to open your salon, don't forget to put on your bib apron! Visit our Branding page to learn more about how to personalize your aprons with embroidery or screen printing, to add your logo or other details. Like all of Salonwear’s garments, our hairdresser aprons, gowns, robes, and capes are made in the USA.


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