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Black Bib Apron with Rhinestone Blow dryer

Black Bib Apron with Rhinestone Blow dryer

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Black Bib Apron with Rhinestones 

Change your hairstyling routine with a touch of glamour using our black bib apron featuring striking rhinestone embellishments. It's the perfect accessory to add some sparkle and shine to your work and stand out from the crowd. Look no further and make a statement with this stunning bling apron with a rhinestone blow dryer design. A bling apron with a rhinestone blow dryer design is perfect for professionals who want to spice up their everyday uniforms. These bib aprons are a Salonwear specialty. Worn by women stylists who specialize in blow drying, and styling. 

Features Offered by Bling Apron with Rhinestone Blow Dryer

  1. Made with top quality Silkara Iridescent fabric in black.
  2. Comes with two comfortable pockets to carry your tools. 
  3. Durable and long-lasting bib apron
  4. Can withstand repeated washing, and serve you for years to come
  5. Comes with long tails attached, so you can adjust them accordingly
  6. These tails provide shape to the wearer
  7. Need not be changed in-between customers or appointments
  8. Silkara Iridescent material has a self-shine that adds to the apron
  9. Best for hairstylists or interns working in a salon
  10. Provides a professional look, that states you are dedicated to your work.

  A bling apron with a blow dryer design is all you need to make your mark and look professional when attending salon clients. Salonwear also makes these bling aprons for a wide variety of professionals like you. We have a wide variety of salon and spa apparels that are made for professionals that work in spa and salon settings. Don’t forget to check out our salon aprons, hairstylists' capes, salon robes, and other categories as well.  Happy Bling Shopping!


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