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Black Ruffle Apron with Rhinestone Cosmetologist

Black Ruffle Apron with Rhinestone Cosmetologist

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Bling Ruffle Aprons by Salonwear

Salonwear’s Bling Aprons are a stylish and feminine option for cosmetologists looking for a unique apron. These aprons feature ruffles along the hemline and a sparkling rhinestone design, adding a touch of glamour to your work attire. This bling ruffle apron for Cosmetologists is made from a lightweight and comfortable fabric that is also durable and easy to clean, making them a practical choice for everyday wear in a salon setting.

Features of this Bling Ruffle Apron in Black 

  1. Made with durable and long-lasting Silkara Iridescent fabric
  2. This fabric has passed tests of multiple washes, doesn’t lose its shape, and the black color won’t fade. 
  3. Great for professional cosmetologists working in a spa or salon setting.
  4. The ruffle design adds an extra edge to your outfit
  5. The silver rhinestones won’t come off even in multiple washes. 
  6. The bib style of this apron is great to keep you away from any messes. 
  7. Silkara is a soft fabric great for keeping your professionals or you comfy for long hours of service. 
  8. Great for cosmetologists, to provide them easier access to their customers.
  9. Made in the US, with the finest quality Silkara Iridescent fabric.
  10. Comes with adjustable straps for the neck and waist.


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