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Client Gown Silkara Iridescent Fabric in Brown

Client Gown Silkara Iridescent Fabric in Brown

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Silkara Iridescent For Client Gowns

Brown Salon Client Gown is intricately crafted from Silkara Iridescent fabric. Here's what this fabric has to offer- 
  • An ideal choice for salon use. 
  • Its lavish sheen and slender texture can provide ultimate customer comfort and luxury when applied. 
  • Furthermore, this fabric exhibits exceptional durability over time allowing numerous wash cycles without mattering its appearance or performance levels.
  • With an immense range of color options, it not only produces attractive client gowns but lasting longevity. 
  • The built-in antimicrobial properties make Silkara Iridescent well beyond ordinary ones, providing only the best quality experience to spa and Massage facial businesses.

Why a Brown Salon Client Gown an Ideal Choice?

  1. Made with top-quality Silkara Iridescent fabric, this Brown Salon Robe is perfect for any salon treatment. 
  2. Silkara Iridescent is the best fabric for salon use. Great for treatments, massages, cover-ups, and more.
  3. This Brown Salon Client Gown is water resistant.
  4. Salon Robe comes with
    • Front-facing belt
    • Trimmed sleeves
    • Decorated stitching
    • Front snaps for closure
  5. Comes in extra large sizes as well, to fit all your clients.
  6. Offered in other color and fabric variants as well.

Personalizing Your Brown Salon Robe

Have your salon robes professionally embroidered or screen printed. Adding personalized elements such as a name, logo, phrase, or design to a salon robe, can help make your space cozy and inviting for guests. Embroidery and screen printing both offer options for customization that will add a unique touch, value, and sophistication to your spa services. The personalized touch of a brown salon robe with embroidery or screen printing will make the experience even more comfortable and enjoyable for your clients who come in for treatments.


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