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Client Gown Silkara Iridescent Fabric in Purple

Client Gown Silkara Iridescent Fabric in Purple

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Client Gowns by Salonwear

Salonwear Client Gowns will keep your customers comfortable and looking great during their salon appointments! Crafted from luxurious, soft fabrics, our Client Gowns provide a cozy, stylish experience for any salon customer. The smooth linen fabric drapes beautifully over the body for a flattering fit and the extended armholes allow for easy changing. Our gowns come in an array of colors to match any decor and are wrinkle resistant so they stay pristine even after multiple uses. They also feature a convenient pocket on the front to store small items such as wallets or phones. Learn more about our Purple Salon Client Gown in Peachskin fabric.

Purple Salon Client Gown

Introducing Salonwear's Purple Salon Client Gown in Silkara Iridescent fabric - it's sure to be the perfect addition to your salon! 
  1. This gorgeous full-length robe is crafted with quality and style in mind.
  2. Its elegant silhouette will make a bold statement, while its 3/4 length sleeves offer a subtle touch of sophistication. 
  3. Salonwear's signature snap button for front closure. 
  4. A belt makes this ensemble complete, while two pockets allow your clients to conveniently stow away all their essentials. 
  5. The Silkara Iridescent fabric stands apart from other fabrics as it offers superior comfort and flexibility. 
  6. In sizes to fit all shapes and sizes, your clientele won't have any problem finding the perfect fit for them. 
Elevate your salon experience with the ultimate in luxury - Salonwear’s Purple Salon Client Gown today!

Customizing Your Client Gown

Salonwear is the premier choice in client gowns that are customizable and designed to impress. Our mission is to provide you with an enhanced client experience that starts from the second they sit down in your chair. Each salon robe is made from high-quality materials and features custom details that make it unique, like embroidery, delicate lacing trim, and various prints.   Our professional team will help create a design that's tailored to your salon’s brand — whether it be contemporary, vintage, or timelessly chic. Visit our custom salon robes to know more about them.


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