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Client Gown Silkara Iridescent Fabric in White

Client Gown Silkara Iridescent Fabric in White

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White Client Gowns in Salon

White salon client gown is an important part of the salon experience! Not only do they protect our clients. They are also a sign of hygiene and cleanliness. White client gowns help to show that we take pride in our space, running a clean and professional business.  They create an extra layer of comfort for our clients, allowing them to relax and trust that their visit will be hygienic as well as enjoyable. As such, client gowns are a must-have in any successful salon!

Highlights of Client Gown in White

Step into sophistication without compromising comfort with Salonwear's white client gown. 
  1. Made with the finest quality Silkrara Iridescent fabric, this full-length gown.
  2. Offers a 3/4 length sleeve and signature snap cap on the top to ensure a secure closure.
  3. Showcasing attention to detail, the belt and belt loops are sewn securely into the back seam providing long-lasting durability. 
  4. Additionally, two patch pockets provide perfect storage for personal items.
  5. Due to the nature of the color of this white salon client gown, we suggest not using it for treatments or services that can damage the color of the gown. However, having a clean white gown every once in a while won’t hurt. We know you love a clean white gown! 
  6. Discover why this milestone in salon apparel is becoming a favorite among professionals and add unparalleled elegance to your salon's decor today with Salonwear’s luxurious line of client gowns!

Personalizing Your White Gown

Salonwear offers customized solutions for salon professionals. Our high-quality white salon client gown is designed to give your client a professional appearance while showcasing your brand identity. Our custom gowns are perfect for any salon setting and come complete with embroidery or screen printing options.


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