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Client Gown Peachskin Fabric in Black

Client Gown Peachskin Fabric in Black

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Peachskin Client Gowns by Salonwear

Searching for the perfect gown for your next client visit? Look no further than Peachskin Client Gowns by Salonwear. These gowns are designed with luxurious materials to provide an experience that is both comfortable and chic. Made with Peachskin fabric, gowns like Black Salon Client Gown, have a gentle texture and drape beautifully, giving your clients an extra hint of glamour.  The Peachskin fabric also resists fading and wrinkles so you don't have to worry about them looking anything less than perfect each time they get used. Long-lasting client gowns like these, can withstand repeated washing, and serve multiple clients. 

Salon Client Gown in Black

Every time a salon client steps into the chair for an appointment, it's not just the hair that will be transformed; changing into the right attire helps the individual to complete their salon experience.  Whether it’s something comfortable and familiar or something stylishly new, a luxurious gown can instantly elevate the atmosphere with sophistication and luxury. This Black salon client gown in particular is truly timeless - crafted from premium peachskin fabric, it features-
  1. A bold blue hue that is classic and timeless. 
  2. Perfect for any salon or spa visit, this ultra-soft piece of clothing can help to create a comforting and elegant setting right away.
  3. It is full-sized, so you don’t have to worry about its fit on your client.
  4. The drop shoulder 3/4th sleeves provide a range of motion and do not mess with the service.
  5. Salonwear’s signature snap on the top, adds a branded feel to the product.
  6. The belt loops for the belt are sewn securely to the back seam, and won’t come off in repeated washing.
  7. Two patch pockets are provided for carrying valuables around.

Personalizing Your Black Salon Client Gown

Making a lasting impression on your clients is important when running a successful salon business. Adding personalization to the client gowns is an excellent way to ensure they have an unforgettable experience every time they visit.  Whether through embroidery or screen printing, you can create customized designs that make each client feel special and appreciated. The time and care put into making personalized gowns for your salon show dedication and professionalism. Not only will customers be delighted with the extra effort you’ve put in, but it’ll also help boost your reputation while getting customers talking about the incredible design of the client gowns! Visit our custom salon robe page, to know more.


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