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Client Gown Peachskin Fabric in Brown

Client Gown Peachskin Fabric in Brown

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Brown Salon Client Gown: Should You Have One?

In the salon and spa industry having a signature Brown Salon Client Gown is becoming more and more popular. From luxurious kimonos to trendy cover-ups, having a signature service look gives your space a unique touch. Not only does this provide comfort to your clients but it sets you apart from other salons that may not use salon robes or client gowns for offering services. Plus, it can make all of your staff members and services instantly recognizable which can be especially useful for marketing purposes.  Ultimately, if you're looking to offer something unique to your salon and spa clients, consider investing in a brown salon client gown!

Features Of This Client Gown

The Brown Salon Client Gown is the perfect choice for any high-end salon. Featuring a sleek, modern design and luxurious fabric, this gown adds an extra touch of glamour to the salon experience. But, there’s more to it- 
  1. Full-sized length of the gown ensures a comfortable fit on most clients
  2. The 3/4 length sleeve and one signature snap cap accentuate the wrap-around robe design for extra style. 
  3. Drop shoulder sleeves add an air of sophistication and the added belt loops and the belt are sewn securely into the back seam, making sure these won’t come off in the wash. 
  4. With two convenient patch pockets, you can count on this gown to keep your clients looking fashionable and feeling comfortable throughout their visit. 
These Client Gowns are also available in a variety of colors, that are waiting to be explored. For maximum convenience and quality style, you can’t go wrong with Salonwear!

Adding a Personal Touch to Your Client Gown 

Our creative team is dedicated to helping you in creating the best designs for quality assurance and for boosting the atmosphere in any salon space. Make a statement with unique and personalized embroidered client gowns. We offer a vast selection of colors for lettering, and designs, plus so much more - with something for every style palate.  In addition to embroidered options, Our custom screen-printed client robes offer services that include your salon’s name or logo, or other specific branding requests. Adding one of these personal touches is a sure way to serve your customer in comfort while expressing your business’ identity. 


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