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Stylist Smock Silkara Iridescent Fabric in Black

Stylist Smock Silkara Iridescent Fabric in Black

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Black Silkara Stylist Smock - Stay Comfortable and Stylish

Black Silkara Stylist Smock are the perfect choice for both clients and stylists! This lab coat provides an elegant look while staying comfortable as you work. It is made with a lightweight fabric that allows you to move around freely throughout the day, yet it doesn’t compromise on protection from spills and stains. Plus, its additional length ensures full coverage for every client session so you can always look amazing in every situation! Black Silkara Stylist Smock provides a perfect combination of comfort and style, setting the standard for style professionals everywhere. Black Silkara Stylist Smock under the barber smocks category offers a tailored look as well as superior comfort for everyone from clients to staff members. This Stylist Smock provides salon pros with the perfect combination of functionality and fashion to keep them dry, clean, and stylish!

Features Of Black Silkara Stylist Smock

  • Our Black Silkara Stylist Smock is perfect for stylists and clients alike who want a total full-length snap cover-up style.
  • This classic design offers seven snaps, a mandarin collar, and a scallop liner at the bottom.
  • Perfectly designed while keeping the highest quality craftsmanship in mind, our lab coat offers safety and comfort while still providing maximum movement.
  • With one size available you can’t go wrong with this Stylist Smock as it is ideal for any salon that wants to provide their customers or the stylist with optimal comfort during their visit.
  • Durable and affordable, this piece of clothing will last through many uses, making it ideal for those with frequent use or multiple applications.

Customize Your Lab Coat Today!

Customize your Black Silkara Stylist Smock with professional screen printing or embroidery! Get your Stylist Smock ready with unique logos and designs at Salonwear. Screen printing and embroidery offer a long-lasting and professional look that adds an extra sense of style to your wardrobe. Different colors and fonts are available, so you'll be sure to find something according to your choice. Show off your Stylist Smock with flair today!


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