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Multi-Purpose Salon Cape in 100% Lightweight Antron Nylon Fabric in Wineberry

Multi-Purpose Salon Cape in 100% Lightweight Antron Nylon Fabric in Wineberry

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Salon Cape in Wineberry

The Wineberry Antron Nylon Salon Cape is a must-have for any hair stylist or salon professional. Made from high-quality, durable Antron Nylon fabric, this cape features a full-length fabric that provides complete coverage for your clients.  It is easy to adjust the fit, while the snap closures ensure that the cape stays securely in place. The Wineberry color is perfect for adding a touch of elegance to any salon setting. Whether you use it for haircuts, color services, or perms, the Multi-purpose Salon Cape in Wineberry will help you create beautiful results for your clients.

Features Offered by Multi-Purpose Cape

  1. This Wineberry Antron Nylon Barber Cape is a great option for those who prefer a lightweight fabric choice that can be used for coloring and or cutting hair.  
  2. As with all of our garments, it is made from our advanced Antron Nylon fabric to be chemical and stain resistant. While the hair will not stick to the fabric and will keep clients comfortable and cool. 
  3. The neck size of the wineberry salon barber cape is 12-24 inches and can be adjusted with our durable Signature stainless steel snaps on each side. 
  4. Made with Antron Nylon, this type of fabric offers a number of benefits. It is strong and durable, making it an ideal choice for clothing that will be worn frequently.
  5. In addition, Antron Nylon is resistant to wrinkling and static, and it dries quickly.
  6. This fabric also provides a luxurious feel and an elegant drape.

Customizing Your Wineberry Antron Nylon Salon Cape

At Salonwear, we understand that no two salon professionals are exactly alike. That's why we offer a range of customization options for Wineberry Antron Nylon Barber Cape. Whether you're looking for a certain color or fabric, or you need a cape that's extra-long or extra-wide, we can help you find the perfect solution.  We even have customization services such as embroidery and screen printing to help you add that personal touch. So whatever your needs may be, Salonwear has you covered. Like all the salon wear garments our salon capes, gowns, robes, and aprons are made in the USA.  Visit our Branding page to learn more about how to personalize your capes with your salon logo!


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