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Stylist Jacket Silkara Iridescent Fabric in Black

Stylist Jacket Silkara Iridescent Fabric in Black

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Black Silkara Stylist Jacket

The Black Silkara Stylist Jacket is an essential item for any barber working in a salon. Made from high-quality material, this coat is designed to withstand the rigors of the job, ensuring that barbers can focus on providing their clients with top-notch haircuts without worrying about their attire. The coat’s black color adds a professional touch to any salon and the coat is also designed to be water-resistant, ensuring that barbers stay dry and comfortable throughout the day.

Overall, it is an excellent investment for barbers looking to enhance their professional appearance and provide their clients with a top-notch experience.


When it comes to workwear for professionals, durability, and functionality are key. The garment industry has come a long way in producing workwear that is both stylish and practical. Here are some features:

  • Made from silkara iridescent fabric
  • 6 snap closures for easy wear and removal
  • 2 pockets for storing essential tools and equipment
  • The mandarin collar adds a touch of sophistication
  • Scallop bottom for a classic look
  • Extremely durable and ready for anything.

Customize the Black Silkara Stylist Jacket Today!!

With Salonwear, you can now customize your Black Silkara Stylist Jacket with embroidered or screen-printed logos for your business or salon at Salonwear, so you can look good while still promoting your services and products. The high-quality fabric used for the Stylist Jacket brings together a combination of luxury and durability that won’t let you down. Plus, you can customize your Stylist Jacket with embroidered or screen-printed logos with Salonwear’s customization options, if you are a salon owner then you can always trust that your stylists will look their best at work!


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