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Barber Cape in Peach Skin Fabric in Black

Barber Cape in Peach Skin Fabric in Black

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Super Cape in Black

This Super Salon cape is one of our best sellers with high-end salons and stylists, that never wants color or anything getting on their client.  As any barber knows, a high-quality cape is essential for providing a professional haircutting experience. Not only does it protect clothing from hair and chemicals, but it also helps to keep the area around the sink clean. Salonwear offers a wide selection of barber capes, including the Black Peachskin Super Cape.  This cape is made from high-quality polyester peachskin, which is known for its durability and wrinkle resistance. The fabric is also lightweight and breathable, making it comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

Features Offered by Black Baber Cape

  1. This cape is made from durable peachskin fabric and features a snap closure for easy on and off. 
  2. In addition, the cape is available in a variety of sizes to accommodate different body types. 
  3. Provided length in the back with an average dimension of 55″-60″ width by 72″ in length
  4. Great for Cutting, styling, shampooing, bleaching, and more. 
  5. The Soft and Supple Peachskin Fabric, 100% Polyester Fabric, Long Lasting!
  6. It fits clients of all ages with a generous 24-inch neck.
  7. Black Peachskin Super Cape has 6 snap closures for a comfortable fit.

Super Capes by Salonwear

Whether you need a super cape for yourself or your customers, we have the perfect one! Our capes are made from lightweight material that's highly durable. They come in many different colors and fabrics to suit any style - including white/chrome options if needed (the only thing they don't resist). And with our vast selection of salon-quality products available at affordable prices only at Salonwear! With its professional appearance and great price, the Black Peachskin Super Cape is an ideal choice for any barber’s client.


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